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Ryan McMahon, known as “the fastest rising Native comedian working in North America today” closed of his cross Canada “Unreserved” tour with a final stop (to a sold out house) at the Larry E. Lewis Studio, here at the Debajehmujig Creation Centre. The house was full of both laughter and tears.  Ryan was quite excited about performing on the Debaj stage and decided late in the game that it would be his final stop on the tour. “This has been by far the best stop on the tour…the tour itself was full of ups and downs and Debajehmujig was definitely a highlight” – Ryan McMahon

The K.B. Reynolds Mastin Gallery has been in operation for the last three years and has had several shows for emerging, mid-career and established artists.  Ania Ek came to Debajehmujig in September 2012 to begin her internship and finished and eight week program with an exhibition in the K.B. Reyholds Mastin Gallery. She was mentored through all the necessary steps in taking an exhibition from concept to reality.

Having left Turtle Island on May 31, 2012 The Global Savages are making their way to the Oerol Festival at Terschelling in the Netherlands. Landing in Paris – a centre for education and ideas – The Global Savages made their way through this ‘City of Light’ – so named during the Age of Enlightenment –connecting with the people on the streets and in constant search for those who will listen to their story.