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Imagine 20 families living in one building. Impossible? Think again; In remote Attawapiskat there is a severe housing shortage and most people are living in either crowded homes or shacks that many of us would be ashamed to use as a garden shed in our back yard.

On November 15th and 16th 2011, members of Debajehmujig – Storytellers were invited to participate in the Assembly of First Nations National Forum on First Nation Citizenship at the River Cree Resort in Enoch, Alberta. Throughout the day, our artists listened to a number of panelists engaging in discussion around issues related to restoring First Nations’ own decision making and jurisdiction over citizenship in our Nations.

Debajehmujig’s Outreach and Education Department is honored to join the World Theatre Carousel, an International association among six professional creation companies that are engaged in and inspired by their cultural and environmental heritage. The purpose of the Carousel is to share experiences in process and to provide a forum in the language of theatre to promote a Global environment of theatre learning.

An Honour Story

A story created to honour the community people who have dedicated their lives to the reclamation of our identity, not as Indians, but as Anishaabeg, transforming the sound of the distant drum into the heartbeat of our communities.