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Reit Mellink and Dennis Van Tillberg, artists from Holland co lead a creation workshop for Debajehmujig staff animators in soundscape and audio track creation and production for live performance. Dennis is a composer, using recorded environmental sound loops, created instruments that mimic sounds in the natural environment, wind harps, steel drums, bells, string instruments, drums, flutes, pipes and more.

We recently hosted guests from Citizens Theatre, Glasgow Scotland for 2 weeks to continue plans and developments towards our much anticipated collaboration for the 2014 Commonwealth Games. Elly Goodman and Neil Packham are part of a team at Citizens’ Learning that includes Guy Hollands (Associate Director) Martin Travers (Producer) Louise Brown (Creative Learning Officer) and Angela Smith (Education Officer).

What does a quiet little town under the sleepy spell of winter need? Some magic! For the first time, we hosted an award winning Ontario based illusionist at the Debajehmujig Creation Centre – Neil Croswell Magic.

The holiday cabaret at Debajehmujig Storytellers is a consistent part of the rhythm of our year. Typically, we have a show at the ruins in the summer. In the fall, we now host The 6 Foot Festival; Land Art Food. Since 1995, December is the time of the Holiday Cabaret. I love doing it. I think we all love doing it. It has historically within the organization been a time to honor and showcase individual artists. It is a chance for us to sing together, eat together, laugh together, and listen together (but mostly eat).