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The Bust Out Whatchya Got Coffeehouse and Slam

Held on Friday, April 12, 2013

Ya got rhymes? Bust it out!
Ya got songs? Bust em out!
Ya got art? Bust that out too!

With the instinct that there are a lot of young folks in the community that might be looking to bust out their many and varied talents, this was the call put out for  The Bust Out Whatchya Got Coffee House and Slam held last April. With some help from the good staff at the Wasse-Abin High School in Wikwemikong we were able to spread the word and the response was fantastic. In the end, we had about forty young performers hit the stage, including an up and coming hip hop dance troupe. (For a full list of performers see below.)

Our own students and staff were included in the mix. We had just spent a week in creation with long time mentor Gregory Hoskins. Each person had a newly created piece to share in front of an audience for the first time. Give birth to their piece, so to speak.

Young artists sharing work or even experienced artists sharing new work takes courage. This leap into the realm of potential and possibility is exciting. The room was packed and energized with the love and support of our community. I think the word that we were all feeling as we watched throughout the night is proud. This was a night of realizing and appreciating the potential in our community. It was a night to bear witness and applaud the brevity of taking those first few vulnerable steps to making our creative dreams come true. It was an evening where many took the stage for the first time. Or spoke about something personal through their performance for the first time. As the audience we not only listened to what each other had to say, but celebrated each other. After all, our community is rich with poets, painters, musicians, writers, and young voices with strong convictions. Bravo to all those who had the courage to bust out their own particular beauty! You have inspired others to come forward and want to do the same.

List of Performers

Four Foot and Under Crew

Ethan LeBlanc
Rowan Leblanc
Moxy Manitowabi
Faer O'Leary
Sunday O'Leary
Isabella Hughson

Up and Coming Crew

Kira D. Assinewe
Brandon Shawana

Moira Shawana

Cody Lewis
Kodi Trudeau

Andrea Trudeau

Eric Cooper-Pitawanakwat
Anthony Cooper
Naomi Cooper

Ozy Flamand (poetry projection)

The Outside Looking In Dance Troupe from Wasse-Abin High School

The Has Beens Who Will Again

Nishina Esquega (accompanied by Gregory Hoskins)
Michael Bebonang
Brian Fox
Matthew Manitowabi
Ashley Manitowabi
Bruce Naokwegijig
Jason Manitowabi (accompanied by Gregory Hoskins)
Sarina Merling

The Debaj House Band: Jessica-Wilde Peltier, Elisha Sidlar, David Osawabine, Bruce Naokwegijig, Justin Deforge

Event Co-Ordinators: Josh Peltier, Elisha Sidlar

Tech and Event Support: Ashley Manitowabi, David Osawabine, Bruce Naokwegijig, Jessica Wilde-Peltier, Sarina Merling, Joahnna Berti, Audrey Wemigwans, Sharlene Macdonald