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Call for Submissions: Performance Creation Opportunity for “The Seven Minute Side Show”

Every Friday at exactly 11:00 am, on the main street of a bucolic village by the bay, you can hear the chains rattling as a 7 meter wide garage door slowly begins to open, rising up and revealing to bystanders and the world at large ...
(Fill in the blank with your 7 minutes of performance expertise)
... and at exactly 11:07 am, just as suddenly and without hesitation, the garage door begins to lower back down. There is no stopping it. And once again, that mysterious creative energy is contained in the black box studio, only to re-emerge a week later, at the exact same time, in a different form.

In our third year of presenting The Seven Minute Side Show, we are extending an invitation to participate to all performance based artists in Northern Ontario. In our first two seasons, the public has been treated to exceptional performances, from the classical to the avant-garde. This is an opportunity for artists to experiment, try new ideas in front of an unsuspecting public, collaborate to explore and evolve hybrid arts practices, or to just be insanely spectacular and entertaining all round. Most successful performances step out of the studio and into the street among the public.

The Seven Minute Side Show takes place each Friday beginning July 3rd, at 11:00 am at the Debajehmujig Creation Centre, 43 Queen Street, Manitowaning, Manitoulin Island. The door that opens is the Larry E Lewis black box studio.

Debajehmujig Storytellers will provide the successful artists with:
- Rehearsal space (starting on the Monday of your week)
- Access to prop shop and wardrobe shop
- Access to lighting, sound, and standard set elements such as risers
- Professional technical and artistic support in all areas as required/requested
- A healthy and delicious lunch on days that you are working/rehearsing at the centre
- A $500 honourarium

You will provide Debajehmujig with:
- 7 minutes of professional creative expression suitable for a diverse family audience
- Permission to professionally record your performance with a multi-camera set up, edit, package and post in on our YouTube channel as part of our new Seven Minute Side Show Series.

Your performance can be solo or with as many other artists as you like. We are happy to feed all of them lunch but there is still only one $500 honourarium provided

To Apply, please send us:
1 - Maximum 1 page description of proposed performance activity
2 - Maximum 1 page biographical summary of your artistic background and your connection to Northern Ontario
3 - Type of Technical and/or Artistic support you anticipate requiring
4 - Number of performing artists
5 - Preferred Friday in July/August 2015

Please email your performance proposal for The Seven Minute Sideshow to:
Subject line: 7 MIN PROPOSAL
Deadline to submit: June 22, 2015
Selection committee results emailed by 12:00 noon on Wed June 24, 2015