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The Global Savages in Rotterdam for ICAF 2014

Today is the opening of the International Community Arts Festival for 2014 in Rotterdam, Holland. The Global Savages have been in the city for several days. They are “walking about”, meeting new friends and exploring new territory throughout the city. Rotterdam and all the people from around the world that call this country “home”, live with a constant awareness of water levels. They keep the sea at bay with a series of dams and dykes that are monitored by innovative systems, under the watchful gaze of their engineers. All of this ingenuity allows the country to reclaim land from the sea, plant and grow food and flowers.

Rotterdam has been an International port city for over 1200 years. Ships have passed through bringing new people and goods from all over the world. With so much diversity, a large population and very little space, the social atmosphere is colourful, accepting and curious. While the Global Savages make their way through the different parts of the city to explore and meet people, respond to the new environment and follow the things that attract them, people from all over the world step up to take a photograph, share a story and find what ever common ground emerges during the exchange.

Over the next few days there will be a flurry of community art, engagement and sharing of art practices and an overall reflection about space.