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Summer 2013

The Transformation Initiative 
Documentary Exhibition of the Transformation Project
Site tour with Artist Interpretation, Refreshments 
The Transformation Initiative is not only transforming objects and materials, spaces and buildings, it is also transforming our practice and ultimately our lives. We welcome you into conversation about the transformative power of taking more control over our lives by focussing on local issues, resources and networks.  DONE! - Thank you for Joining us!
Begins11:30 am daily Monday - Saturday   $5 per person
Voices in the Green Room
Film/Video Screenings Daily
A selection of videos ranging from children's programming to local history and culture. Includes regular screenings of the hit Elders Gone AWOL!  DONE! - Thank you for Joining us!
10:00 am to 4:00 pm     Free Admission
Audge Fest - Local Music Showcase
Community based emerging artists, established artists, and those who just can't stop playing! Back by popular demand, an evening of showcasing the musical talents of the community for the community. All ages, all styles, all local!

Friday July 19, 2013    4pm - 10pm, Holy Cross Mission Ruins
$5 Admission to come and go  DONE! - Thank you for Joining us!
Seven Minute Side-Show 
Pop up Performance Art
At precise pre-determined times, the large painted garage door facing Queen Street in Manitowaning will open for 7 minutes to reveal - well it's hard to predict! Local and visiting artists and performers are queing up to provide 7 minutes of something that is surely unexpected! Without warning, the door will close again until the next scheduled Side Show.  DONE! - Thank you for Joining us!
Free Public Viewing          Wednesdays  - 1:00pm     Fridays - 11:00am

Art On Site - Art En Direct
Site Specific Art at the Holy Cross Mission Ruins - Wikwemikong
Le Gallerie du Nouvel Onatrio (Sudbury) in collaboration with Debajehmujig - Storytellers and 4Elements. Inspired by the location itself, a group of multi-disciplinary artists will create work throughout the day and present a performance in the evening on site at the Ruins, on August 3, 2013
Free Admisstion DONE! - Thank you for Joining us!
60's Soul Train

Friday July 26th, Holy Cross Mission Ruins, Wikwemikong
It's that time of year again - time to dance your pants off. Don't miss the Debaj Annual Dance Party This year's theme Soul Train! Visit the Facebook page and find out which artist and song you can learn for the lip sync and style contest. James Brown anyone? 
I feel good!  Admission Free, Refreshments Available, Prizes!  DONE! - Thank you for Joining us!

Night of the Light Hearted 

Lantern Making Workshop and Public Exhibition

Learn a variety of techniques and styles of lantern making to enhance the atmosphere around your home or retreat. Hands on with instructions, and yes you can keep the lantern! On Friday we will exhibit all the lanterns in the Larry E Lewis Studio - appropriately lit of course!
One time registration - come and go as you please throughout the week.  DONE! - Thank you for Joining us!
Aug 5, 6, 7, 8, 9,10    2-4pm and 7-9pm         $10 Registration for Materials/Instructions    
Dog Days International Coffee House 

Local and International Talent with a Rural Retro Style

A relaxed evening enjoying the music and stories of people on the road. In the midst of the dog days of summer, we break to enjoy the company of friends and strangers.  DONE! - Thank you for Joining us!

Friday August 16, 2013   8:00 pm Debajehmujig Creation Centre   $5 Cover FREE ADMISSION!!