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Two Shows Only! - Three love stories, a stretch of Canadian beach, a wedding and a funeral - Body13

Debajehmujig Storytellers presents,

from Kitchener Waterloo,

the Multicultural Theatre Space Inc.

Three love stories,
a stretch of Canadian beach,
a wedding and a funeral ...

Two Shows Only!

Friday, September 26, 2014 @ 8pm
Saturday, September 27, 2014 @ 8pm

Sexual Language and Nudity
Must be 16+

Larry E Lewis Studio
43 Queen Street, Manitowaning
Info and Tickets: 705-859-1820



“BODY13 in fact uses a day at the beach as a modern-day metaphor for life in contemporary Canada…”  “BODY13 speaks of the Canadian dream we all share with a theatrical eloquence that is as refreshing as it is welcome. Unabashedly and joyfully sexual, it embraces diversity on all fronts and makes of it all a celebration as they tell us seven little stories about a big dream we all share.” “It’s a play as much about what Canada can be as it is about what it is and it is almost certain to fill you with joy”

John Coulbourn – Toronto Sun


“...emotionally powerful...” “impressive, engaging, beautifully coordinated...” “...the smooth ensemble shines...”

Jon Kaplan – NOW


“Body13 is unmissable”  “…intelligent, exciting and gorgeous piece of theatre…” “Majdi Bou-Matar has directed the show to perfection” “…intense, extraordinary movement, executed by a cast that had the strength and unity of a steel chain…” “…intelligent writing and performance…impeccable design…”

Newborn Theatre


“…the precision and harmony with which the ensemble works is a delight throughout.” “[Body 13] captures the essence of Canada today.” “Kitchener is lucky to have such a company as MT Space resident in the city. Toronto is lucky every time they visit.”

Christopher Hoile – Stage Door


“Expertly choreographed and beautifully performed, it’s funny, it’s sad, and it’s erotic as heck. You will never think about hockey in the same way!” “[The play] is about Canada as a diverse population, and it’s about the mosaic we all create” “[The play] is as multi-sensual as it is multicultural/sexual.” “A tangling of the intellect and the erotic, the lonely and the loved, this show is a good one for anyone who feels different, or the same.”

Joslyn Kilborn – Mooney on Theatre


“… an ensemble triumph...”  “…tasteful…erotic performance...” “Each character is like a chapter, which in their totality comprise a postmodern, post-colonial novel.”

Waterloo Region Record


Working with the divine people of Body 13 ... stories pulled from the roots of their identities, I realize more/less what it means to be a young, white, female Canadian. I ask in the name of art and urgency, who the fuck am I? ... the body as poetry ... ... we look together at the boxes that fight us and raise us in this culture of polite silence.

Jessalyn Broadfoot


[Body 13 is] the forbidden number, the sin, the unlikeable number, like the missing floor in Japanese hotels and hospitals... how the inner self will form our gender and sexuality ... all the forbidden stuff...

Nada Humsi