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Six Foot Festival - 2012 - Land, Art, Food

3rd Annual
Six Foot Festival - Land, Art, Food
2012 Theme - ‘Starting from Seed’

October 5, 6, 7
Debajehmujig Creation Centre
43 Queen Street, Manitowaning, ON

What is The Six Foot Festival, and Why 6 Feet?

A few years ago, we decided to plant a company garden. We were very excited when it actually started to grow. We loved our garden, and we played in it. We were proud of it. But ultimately, it didn’t really provide us with much food.

We did notice, however, that the energy around the garden was such a good energy, that we needed more of it our lives, in our company, in our practice. We noticed that it started bringing people together. We noticed neighbours in the community stopping by and asking questions and making suggestions. And we had questions for them as well. Lots of questions. We wanted to expand our garden, but also expand our knowledge and understanding of healthy, sustainable local food production.

We are an arts organization with a network of artists and art lovers, but we also love food. We love the preparation of the garden, the planting, the nurturing and the waiting to see what will grow. It’s very similar to creating art. And then when the yield comes in, we celebrate.

So we decided to create an event that would bring others with similar interests together, to make it easier to share experiences, knowledge, techniques, seeds, and recipes. We wanted to encourage and inspire each other. And so we created the Annual Six Foot Festival - Land, Art, and Food.

We understand that cash is really tight these days. We aren’t trying to make money off our friends and neighbours. And so, we are only charging $6 a day for a festival pass. You won’t be disappointed with how you spent your $6. That’s only a dollar a foot! Make the Six Foot Festival a part of your Thanksgiving Weekend plans with friends and family.

And so why 6 Feet? Well, how much land does a man need?

Living on Manitoulin Island in Northern Ontario, we take certain things for granted. Like how much bush and wildlife there is, how much land there is, how much fresh water there is. We also take for granted that a wide variety of food will always be available at the grocery store, and that fresh drinking water will continue to flow from our taps. Or that the price of oil and gas will someday get lower and be more affordable for our furnaces and our cars. Or that our children and our children’s children will grow up in a world where all this is still available to them.

To challenge all of these assumptions, we decided we needed to focus inward more. We needed to look at our own lives, our neighbours and our community, and interpret things locally. We needed to stop living off our assumptions of endless bounty, and come to terms with what really is.

And so for the artistic element of our festival, we have asked people to work with a six foot by six foot piece of land. They choose a spot that has significance to them. It might be private, in their backyard, or hidden in the woods. It might be public, at a street intersection, where everyone can see it. The point is that they spend time with this piece of land, explore it, come to understand it, let it inspire them to create something. And then, to come together during the festival, and share their discovery with others.

And the others include crofters and farmers, organic gardeners and artisans. House wives and house husbands. Mothers and children. Mechanics and musicians. Over the course of three days, we engage in each others lives, each others gardens, each others art. We have discussions and workshops and exhibitions. We make food together and we eat together, and we recognize together how important and good it is to have this in our lives.

Friday October 5, 2012   6:00 pm
Opening of the Exhibition and Displays

Saturday October 6, 2012  10:00 am - 10:00 pm
Lunch and Dinner
Children’s Program
Music and Entertainment

Sunday October 7, 2012     12:00 - 4:00 pm
Exhibition and Displays Open to the Public
A conversation about what is, and what could be.
Visioning healthier more sustainable lives on Manitoulin Island.

There are many ways to get involved
Email: the6footproject@hotmail.com
Call 705-859-1820 and ask for Elisha
or stop by and chat